Morocco is as diverse as it is breathtaking. Sweeping deserts, epic mountain scapes, ancient cities, colourful coastlines and delicious cuisine. Souks and markets galore ravishing with vivid ceramics, vibrant spices and a dynamic vibe. Warm hospitality with a captivating culture.

S’TOURS, a family-owned DMC with a 40-year heritage in Morocco, has established itself as a leader in bespoke travel experiences. Since its inception, S’TOURS has specialized in offering incentive travel, demonstrating a deep commitment to creating enriching and motivating experiences for clients. This expertise is further highlighted through their successful management of significant events, including the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings 2023 and the pivotal COP 22.

The essence of S’TOURS’ service lies in the fusion of simplicity and elegance. They carefully curate accommodation, venues, and dining experiences that not only offer luxury but also a genuine immersion into Morocco’s dynamic culture and historical richness. Each journey is a testament to Moroccan hospitality, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort, luxury, and authenticity.

At the core of S’TOURS’ success is their team, a group of professionals with vast expertise and a passion for creating original programs. Their staff’s deep understanding of clients’ diverse needs enables them to tailor experiences that go beyond the ordinary, crafting journeys that are not just memorable but also transformative. With S’TOURS, every travel narrative is transformed into a masterpiece, brimming with discovery, inspiration, and unforgettable moments.


37.5 million


710,850 km sq



Rabat Population



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